She had a whole chest of marijuana products

After I finished college I went down south to spend some time with Lucy.

Lucy plus I used to be best friends when the two of us were in high school, but it had been a lot of years since the two of us had hung out as a pair. All of us had started to link again on snapchat over the pandemic, plus now that things were opening back up I wanted to go see my friend again. I knew that the two of us had a lot in common, plus she had some fun stuff lined up for us to do. I also knew she was big-time into cannabis, just love me, so I was gleeful to see what kind of green they had in the big city. Any expectations I had were shattered long before I stepped into a cannabis dispensary, just with what I saw at Lucy’s apartment. There was an antique wooden chest in her bedroom, plus when she opened it up I saw tons of tins of cannabis. All colors of the spectrum, various densities plus degrees of green, a dazzling array of cannabis. It was as if Lucy had collected her own little cannabis dispensary in her room, plus every spot in the chest was filled with the different kinds of smoking. There were papers plus vapes of all shapes plus sizes, a custom made bong, a bag vape, plus a few ways to smoke cannabis that I had frankly never heard of before. I am not sure what the fun things Lucy had planned for us to do, because the entire trip was spent in a thick haze of cannabis smoke.

cannabis products