The delivery area is widespread, but the tips are amazing

When I bought a new car, I decided to purchase a vehicle with excellent gas mileage.

I thought it would be easy to pick up a job as a delivery driver, if I wanted to make extra cash in the evenings.

After all, there are a ton of delivery services in the area like Uber, Lyft, door dash, and Instacart. I picked out a four-door sedan with electric and gas options. I signed up as an Uber driver, but it was difficult to continue once Covid started becoming widespread. A couple of the marijuana shops in my neighborhood started to deliver and they were looking for drivers. I decided to take a job at a marijuana shop. I work 4 days every week. I always work Friday and Saturday nights and then I pick up two days throughout the week as well. The delivery area is very widespread, but the tips are amazing. We deliver from one side of the city to the other and that can take almost an hour. The manager at the marijuana shop is really good at her job and she always tries to schedule the deliveries together. One driver heads East with everything in the right direction and another driver heads West. There are always multiple drivers on staff at all times and I never have time to sit around and talk. As soon as I come back to the marijuana shop from one delivery, there is at least one or two more waiting to go. The tips are the reason why I’m still working for the weed dispensary after a year. I’m making almost a grand each week after tips.

Cannabis delivery