There are some traces of THC

Some might have worries when it comes to THC plus hemp products.

So hemp can only receive that legal distinction from weed if it has less than 0.3% per ounce weight of delta-9 THC in it.

You can purchase high end hemp flower buds from a grower in a different state that is totally legal to purchase, possess, plus consume, but it could still theoretically throw off a drug test. There isn’t actually any information out there regarding the exact amount of THC that is needed to fail a drug test, so the trace amounts in some hemp products could be a cause for worry. The group of us already believe it has happened in the past. There was a government employee in the deep south a few years ago who was taking a full spectrum CBD product for pain plus ended up getting fired plus lost his pension when he failed a random drug test at work. If you are at risk of losing an office job or getting in trouble with your general physician, you shouldn’t use a full spectrum hemp product that could potentially contain trace amounts of CBD. Fortunately, you can purchase broad spectrum hemp or pure CBD isolate concentrates. If it only has CBD in it or CBD with CBG plus CBC, you can be certain that you’ll never be at risk of inadvertently failing a drug test. I have a tight friend who works as a government worker plus he only buys pure CBD concentrates to use for pain medication. He gets the harsh effects that he needs from the CBD without any worries of getting cannabinoids in his system that he’s not even aware of.


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