Using cannabinoids to help with my diabetes

I was absolutely stunned to find out that I had developed a form of diabetes later in life.

I wasn’t in the worst health or even overweight.

And yet, there it was and I had some lifestyle changes to take care of. There were the medical treatments prescribed by the doctor and immediate diet swings that I had to commit to. I have also started using minor cannabinoids as part of a more holistic approach. THCV isolate is honestly similar to THC but there isn’t any discernible high when using THCV. But this THCV will help me regulate my blood sugar more readily and in a natural fashion. I was into the whole holistic approach as once I started the lifestyle swings, I saw improvement. And it wasn’t just the blood sugar levels either. It was also just an overall feeling of more energy and a sense of well being that came with the healthy diet and exercise. So using something natural like minor cannabinoids to treat my condition is wonderful. And it makes sense to use a naturally occurring substance like THCV. There is such a culture of corporate pharmacology in this culture that can get a bit out of control in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the insulin and other treatments that have been so helpful. But ultimately, I want to deal with this condition naturally. And the doctor has encouraged me to continue to think that way. Using wholesale cannabinoids has permitted me to have another great tool for controlling my blood sugar levels. I’m gleeful for the results I’m seeing at this point and will be so gleeful if THCV is able to help me treat my diabetes altogether naturally.


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