I very dislike the up-to-date changes in the cannabis shop

Last week, I didn’t have toil at all… The cannabis shop where I am emplotted underwent dramatic renovations and changes. They unattachd all of the items from the building and retiled the floors, painted the walls, and replaced the fixtures, and i was gleeful to see the up-to-date cannabis shop facelift. I went to toil early on the day after the changes were made. I have to be even-handed when I say that the changes aren’t great. I dislike the color of the walls and I believe the up-to-date fixtures make the cannabis shop seem much smaller. In the past, all of our cannabis products were behind the counter! Now there are cannabis products proudly displayed on shelves throughout the store. This is going to make it much easier for people to steal inventory. The owner also got rid of the refrigeration units that were in the lobby. These refrigeration units had our edible cannabis treats so they were regularly fresh. The owner of the cannabis shop decided to get rid of the refrigerator and now all of our items are served at room temperature. It’s only been a single day since the changes were made and several clients have already expressed their dislike for the up-to-date concept. I very dislike the up-to-date changes in the cannabis shop either, so it’s difficult to find the best words to say to the clients. I hope the owner has a very unbelievable master idea that will increase business, because the cannabis shop was closed for an entire month while these renovations were being completed.



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