Sales were in the toilet for 3 months

When our partner and I opened our first cannabis shop, sales were through the roof! It was early while all of us were in the time when marijuana was first legalized and everyone wanted to visit a dispensary.

I thought all of us would have free advertising for the rest of our life, simply because marijuana was so popular, but the first couple of years, things were perfect. Sales were through the roof and I didn’t have to spend a dollar on advertising or advertising, however unfortunately, over the last couple of years, things have really changed harshly. There are many additional marijuana dispensaries in the valley and I do not have the best prices. I only deal with farmers that use organic materials and that means the prices on our products are higher than average. It’s hard to explain the reasons why to a person that is looking for the best deal on weed, when I realized sales were down 20% at the dispensary, I contacted a advertising consultant. The advertising consultant visited the dispensary on 3 different possibilities before she came to speak with myself and others about the store… During her visits, she mostly observed. I didn’t even know who the person was until she came to meet with myself and others in the office. Then I remembered seeing her in the store a couple of different times while all of us were in the last week. The advertising consultant had a lot of great ideas, then most of the ideas didn’t even involve spending much money. She felt our product displays could be better and she also believed that all of us were not advertising the right type of cannabis products for that area. She really brought up a lot of things that I had not considered in the past.
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