I liked the old website and the old manager as great too

After the cannabis shop was purchased by A peculiar company, the place has had a lot of changes and big differences that not everyone around here seems to like.

The changes on their website include a different design and this is one downfall to the business. This is likely due to the fact that the new website does not make much sense. I could not easily recognize the web design would be something to cause so many problems however one greatest thing that all of us have noticed is that dispensary person made changes that are huge and did not realize errors. One of the pages says cannibal dispensary instead of cannabis. There were so several errors like spelling and grammar concerns. There were also broken links and it was difficult to add items to the cart. I tried to place a bottle of rson the cart as well as a CBD tincture and both of the items were gone as soon as the page refreshed. It was quite disappointing. The people I was with along with myself to believe that the changes are noted due to the fact that there is a brand new person running. The people I was with along with myself wondered if anyone could make any swings even after all of us called their attention to the swings that needed to be changed on the web design and inside of the store. If we can’t navigate the website plus order properly, there is no reason to even go online or to that specific dispensary.

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