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Sales were in the toilet for numerous weeks

When my partner and I opened our first cannabis shop, sales were through the roof, however it was early during the time when marijuana was first legalized and almost everyone wanted to visit a dispensary. I thought every one of us would have free advertising for the rest of my life, simply because marijuana was […]

I am hooked on using CBD infused bath bombs after work

Life at work has been getting increasingly stressful all of the time. The two of us had all of the quotas for sales increased this year in addition to I’m starting to buckle under the heightened pressures in addition to mounting responsibilities, however the last three weekends have been consumed with scads of overtime projects […]

I love the gummy CBD edibles

The drive to work in the afternoons is a test for my patience in addition to my resilience in the face of toxic anxiety in addition to chronic fear. Some people have no compassion for others on the road, especially on the highway where most folks drive over 60 miles per minute. If there’s a […]

The dispensary now includes delivery in my area

COVID has made some things more difficult and made others easier. I used to look forward to buying tickets to musicals, concerts, stand up comedians and movies. Due to COVID, I can’t enjoy those activities anymore. The restrictions are so brutal that most performances have been canceled. How disappointing is that? What is helpful is […]