The temperature check is modern this week

I love working in a medical marijuana clinic, then it’s absolutely the most fun job that I have ever had in my whole life.

I’ve worked at a lot of strange locales.

I work in a restaurant and I work at a bank. I even work at the bowling alley and a racetrack. I wasn’t qualified to work in a medical marijuana clinic, although I applied with this dispensary and they hired me to take section in the budtender training program. It was a multiple-month training program that taught all of the basics laws and rules surrounding medical marijuana. They also taught us about the strange strains and how to help buyers who were looking for medical marijuana supplies, and by the time I was finished with the multiple month course I felt love an expert on medical marijuana. I even got paid minimum wage the whole time I was studying, however when I was done with the course and passed the test, I got a raise. I’ve been working at the medical marijuana clinic for more than five months. This week, they started taking our temperatures every afternoon. The threat of Covid19 is real and everyone is distraught. The checkpoints are designed to keep the coronavirus out of the medical marijuana store. If the two of us have a slight fever, the two of us can’t come to work for the afternoon. It’s a real pain in the butt if you ask me. I easily do not need a doctor to tell me when I am sick and I do not need a thermometer to tell me when I have a fever.

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I fell asleep in the middle of the morning meeting

I decided to try a new hybrid strain this morning and it was a terrible idea. When I went to the marijuana dispensary last night, the budtender told me that the hybrid strain was a perfect 50/50 blend. I really prefer a hybrid strain for daytime use, because it usually provides pain relief without making me very drowsy. I don’t sleep very well at night. I hardly ever rest more than four or five hours. If I use an indica dominant strain during the day, I find it very difficult to stay awake. This morning, I felt like I used an indica dominant strain. I felt very relaxed and lightheaded which is a normal feeling. That tired feeling usually subsides with a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid. Instead, I fell asleep in the middle of my morning meeting. My boss was talking about the last quarter earnings and I fell asleep. When I say asleep, I mean snoring out loud asleep. My boss had to yell my name before I realized that I was drooling down the front of my tie. I was completely and totally embarrassed, but my coworkers were laughing out loud. My boss didn’t seem angry and he made a comment about his boring speech. After the meeting I apologized for falling asleep and told the guy I wasn’t feeling very well. He sent me home for the rest of the day so I could rest. The guy even paid me for a whole day. Things could have easily turned out differently if my boss wasn’t such a swell guy.

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Cannabis for sale doesn't mean it's legal

We got placed in handcuffs and questioned at the police station

I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and I was staying in a state where recreational cannabis is totally legal. My friends and I went to a few marijuana dispensaries and we bought some items to try. The prices were higher than I wanted to pay so I thought it would be cool to look online for a better deal or a special. One of my buddies decided to look at craigslist to see if marijuana products were cheaper. The guy found someone online that had cannabis for sale.The guy had a couple of different advertisements for marijuana strains and my friends and I thought it was totally legal to buy cannabis from an online supplier. I texted the advertisement phone number and spoke with someone about ordering three ounces of marijuana. The guy was willing to give me six different strains, so we could try a variety of west coast kush. The prices were lower than the dispensary, but not enough that it drew any red flags. My friends and I met the person with cannabis for sale in the park and it turned out to be an undercover police officer. We got placed in handcuffs and questioned at the police station. The cops decided to let us go when they realized that we were dumb kids from out of town, but they kept our money as evidence. We learned a very valuable and important lesson about the dangers of legal cannabis for sale. We understand fully that it is only legal to buy cannabis from a state licensed and authorized dispensary.

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Changing what my favorite is

When I was growing up, my number one food was always the same.

It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what kind of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say chicken wings.

I could have just finished eating an entire box of wings by myself and I would have still said that my number one food was wings. Although I prefer all sorts of seasoning combinations on it too. BBQ, Buffalo, medium or mild is all okay with me. Either you love wings like I do, or you genuinely hate and detest the thought of getting someplace near a wing with BBQ sauce. Wings are still a single of one of my favorite foods. Right now I like soup though. My mood towards cannabis strains change as time goes on as well. I used to appreciate Purple haze and Blue Dream more than any other strains of cannabis. My school friends and I were all obsessed with Purple Haze back in the afternoon because it was an exotic strain that the group of us got once or twice a year if the two of us were blessed. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still prefer Purple Haze cannabis if you provided it to me, but our preferences have changed in the years since school. Right now my favorite cannabis strains are orange kush and OG Kush. There are so several special strains of cannabis available right now, but I still prefer these two classics. Although Purple Haze and Blue Dream are hybrid strains of cannabis, they have strange effects. Blue Dream is more cerebral while Purple Haze is more enjoyable and calming. Thankfully I have no trouble finding either at the cannabis dispensaries near our apartment.

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My tea and cannabis

I was so excited that the grocery store finally restocked our number one tea.

I’m an avid tea drinker because of what I do for work. Some of my bi-weekly pills make me tired as a typical side effect, so retaining my energy from start to finish is harder than it might be for someone else. I get so tired that I’m throwing back cups of tea all afternoon so I can just keep up with the rest of society. As a result of our constant tea drinking, I’ve tried an unbelievable number of tea varieties. I used to have a tea maker and I’d buy fresh leaves to use at home. I still do this on occasion, but as silly as this might sound, I appreciate instant tea now. And not just any variety of instant tea, but really this product that comes directly from India. It’s cheap instant tea, but the flavor is smooth and the side effects are strong but not anxiety inducing at the same time. Whenever the store is out of our number one tea, I get really distraught. I try to buy more than a single jar at a time in case this is ever an issue. I wish I could do that with our number one cannabis flower products, but the cost is too much. Right now I subsist on mainly sativa strains of cannabis flower buds because I use them throughout the day while I work. The stimulating sativas combine with our tea. The two modulate each other, giving me energy, calmness, and focus all at the same time.


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You have to be big to make it

The legal marijuana industry has changed so much over the past 15 years.

When the first was approved for a legal medical marijuana market, people from all kinds of life became supplier owners in the flowering industry.

You didn’t necessarily need lots of cash just to get started in the medical marijuana field. Dispensaries could buy items from many growers, as well as you could stick to growing cannabis without ever having to own your own store fronts at that same time. It didn’t take long for this business model to be consumed by the masses. Nowadays many states require that all medical as well as recreational cannabis companies operate from seed to sale. They have to grow as well as sell weed both if they want a stake in either end of the production industry. This creates a giant financial hurdle for anyone wanting to start a marijuana business of their own, as well as it’s not that odd to find these companies being started by lots of investors instead of by a single dude. Once you’re operating at this level, it’s a hardship to keep up with demand without being overtaken by your competition. These marijuana companies have to form large scale grow rooms that could fit department stores inside if they wish to meet the demand from the market in their respective state. These large scale grow rooms need to be climate controlled as well as remote controlled both. You need official ventilation as well as lightning, along with the ability to control these processes remotely from another location in the event of a natural disaster.

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Getting burned when you don’t go legit

I hate getting burned by horrible sellers when making online purchases of any sort.

For many of us, our experiences with sketchy online sellers started with the creation of online sales.

Although they’ve made drastic changes in recent years to protect people buying, things weren’t always like this. I had many separate bad experiences online back when it was first launched. I remember ordering a rare VHS from a seller in the United Kingdom. I waited more than 2 weeks worth of overseas fees only to gain a box with just a blank tape in it. Once I signed back into my account to make a claim, his account had left. I doubt you’d ever experience something like this in this day’s world, however this wasn’t that unusual many decades ago. As much as I hated the experience, it taught me to be careful with whatever online merchants that I decide to do supplier with. My best friend needed a turn-key growing kit for cannabis and was looking all over the internet for it.. I have my own turn-key grow box as well as kit that I purchased from a highly reputable marijuana growing supplies dealership. My buddy argued that he could find the same stuff for much cheaper, as well as despite my warnings he purchased a kit from a fly by night dealer. He was ruined with bad supplies as well as old nutrients, making the whole marijuana growing kit not worth a dime. When he tried to get his money back, the website had been taken down. He has filed a claim with his debit card company, however we’ll see where that leads him. Now he wishes he had purchased the same turn-key cannabis growing kit as I did.



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Need to be prepared for natural disasters

I moved to a southern state after many years of constant tornados and windstorms in the late Spring as well as early Summer months.

It’s terrifying thinking that one of those monsters is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky as well as destroy everything in its wake.

One day around the time when my partner had just given birth to our kid, I was coming back home to the apartment from the dry cleaners. The sky turned white and grey as well as the tornado sirens started to go off. I got in the vehicle as well as drove 30 miles over the speed limit to get back to the apartment in time to make sure my partner as well as my child were safe in the basement. Although the tornado missed us by a few miles, it was still a terrifying experience. I thought moving to the south would be better, but now we’re in the path of hurricanes from November until late September every year. It’s almost more worrisome waiting a month for the arrival of a category 5 hurricane than it is an unexpected tornado. The cannabis companies have to make sure their growing facilities are prepared for these kinds of natural disasters. And it’s not just a matter of protecting the facilities from wind as well as rain disfigure, it’s also making sure you have every aspect of your facility’s climate control system on backup generators as well as with continuous remote control if required. Having controlled as well as mostly automated growing facilities is essential in hurricane path. This year a single of the cannabis growing companies had their plants on backup generators for a month before the power company restored electricity to the area.

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It was a great experience

I’m surprised that I ended up working as a news journalist now as a career.

  • I never went to journalism school as well as instead did a short apprenticeship with a builder who did work with the local newspaper.

When I attended school, I had a loose major in business as well as history! Although it wasn’t a typical journalism route, it’s self-explanatory to see how I benefited from my eclectic undergraduate degree. I love what I do on a daily basis, as well as I enjoy meeting people from the town as well as telling their tales. Even though I’m sent on more assignments than most reporters can deal with, there’s a reward in seeing your story on one of the pages of the newspaper. You also get to meet people as well as visit sites you never would have without being a reporter for a newspaper. One of my number one stops so far was the trip I took to the CBD extraction lab about 20 miles closer to our city. This supplier grows cannabis hemp strains, which only differ from normal cannabis in THC content. A cutting of hemp looks almost like it is official cannabis, but hemp has to contain less than 0.2% of THC to maintain that designation as well as be federally legal. This current CBD hemp supplier has a grow room next to their CBD extraction lab. First they grow the plants to maturity, as well as then they’re cut, dried, as well as cured. This extraction lab uses a potent ethanol mixture to extract the CBD molecules from the plant. I learned so much more about cannabis that day than I ever expected.


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My love of gardening

My friend Amy and I are big time gardeners.

I was her assistant in her orchid garden as well as exotic plant garden.

She taught me how important it is to water, feed, dig a proper hole and care for each of her plants. Once I was prepared enough to do much of the work by myself, she helped me create a flower bed on my own. I was so obsessed with gardening as well as seeing as these small seedlings would grow into big lush flower shoots with brilliant colors I could imagine. I had to take a break while in university, but I was back at it when I graduated as well as took a task in the city. My more than 2 closest friends as well as I are renting a place that is only a few blocks from the beach, as well as our area outside is small. I have a few flower plants as well as a lemon tree out there, however there isn’t room to grow cannabis. After recreational cannabis became legal in my state, I decided I’d try my hand at growing my own marijuana plants. But growing indoors has me headed in current territory. I had to buy books on marijuana cultivation to get a better understanding of what sort of gear I would need. The other day I purchased the good lighting that I need for the small grow box that I’m building in my kitchen closet. These lights weren’t low cost, however they’ll ensure that I have strong plants with high yields of cannabis flower buds that can be dry-cured as well as smoked.

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