Vaping Medical Marijuana is one Valid Option

For a while vaping had a bad reputation.

A lot of people thought it was just enjoy having a cigarette.

When the smoke coming out of the vape blew in peoples faces they would suddenly waft it away from their faces. It doesn’t have an stink or contain any of the satisfied that the user vapes. Also, the people being killed from vaping were consuming undoubtedly inferior products. Now vaping is common in most areas plus the stigma is no longer attached. Additionally, using marijuana is not a stigma. Certain areas are even recreational cannabis allowed. I live in a state where you can go to a legal weed shop without a medical marijuana order. I, of course, enjoy to vape cannabis oil rather than gain weight eating cannabis edibles. There is something so nice plus convenient about a vape. I think it’s convenient that I can pack it in a suitcase, toss in our pocket or wear it on a lanyard. It is right where I want it plus I can take a few puffs at a time. When you smoke a joint, you have to smoke the whole thing. Are you going to eat half a pot brownie? With smoking cannabis oil I can take as loittle as I want. I can get a nice little high going without getting completely high. It is nice taking a few hits before a stressful exam, a flight or even when I am going to have to do something stressful. It is the same thing as drinking a beer to feel a less anxious.

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Old Softball Player with Hip Pain

The patches constantly have THC that gets into the bloodstream plus causes you to feel as if you are high.

I am a former school softball player plus I deal with a lot of aches plus pains. I did a lot of exercise in school. I undoubtedly wrecked our neck when I caught our flyer in a awful way. I also damaged my hip in a game I wasn’t quite ready for. In school I just pushed through the pain plus continued to compete. I was needed for the routines plus competitions that the squad competed in. Now that I am no longer a student, working from beach house plus no longer cheering, it has all begun affecting me. My neck frequently spasms on myself and others to the point I want to start crying. I have difficulty bending, standing or standing for long points of time because of my hip. I have tried pain pills, massages plus chiropractor visits. Nothing has helped at all. A guy at work was talking about a topical for his back pain for his pain. I looked up what a topical is plus I found that it is a cannabis based product. You can get an ointment or patch to put on the inflamed area. The ointment is supposed to reduce inflammation plus almost numb the body. It is kind of like icy hot. The patches constantly have THC that gets into the bloodstream plus causes you to feel as if you are high. You could also just get a CBD infused cream to treat the area. I am going to try it. I assume a little peculiar going into a legal weed shop however I want the ointment. I want to assume some relief from our neck plus hip pain.


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Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card is Easier then I Expected

For years I have considered getting a medical marijuana prescription.

I don’t undoubtedly need cannabis for a bad health problem, I just enjoy how it makes myself and others feel. Since I don’t have to deal with PTSD, seizures, depression or anxiety, I figured I just wouldn’t be able to get a cannabis green card. I also thought the process of getting a medical marijuana card would be too taxing, and finally I decided to supply it a try plus fib a bit on our difficulties. I undoubtedly enjoy to smoke weed to sleep better at night. I told our doctor that I was dealing with insomnia. He immediately wrote myself and others a prescription for flower plus cannabis oil. It was a really brief conversation. I had to fill out some paperwork, apply for our medical card, pay for it plus wait to get the card in the mail. Then I was allowed to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. It was surreal walking into a legal cannabis shop. I kept expecting cops to burst through the doors, throw myself and others to our stomach plus cuff me. I thought I was going to get caught for not being truthful plus our card would be taken away. However, the experience was easy, pretty reasonably priced plus I got the weed that I wanted. I am now an official medical marijuana patient plus can get all our products I need each week. The medical strain of weed has different potency, however it is better than nothing. I am hoping that soon I will be cleared to try some peculiar THC plus CBD infused edibles.


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Short Getaway Allows Us to Try Cannabis

My guy plus I recently went on a short getaway to another state, and both of us wanted to see the sights, play on a day at the beach plus try some current things; One thing the state is known for is its recreational marijuana dispensaries.

My guy smoked a few times when he was younger plus I had never before.

Basically the multiple of us went into the cannabis shop not knowing anything. Thankfully the budtenders at the store were amazing plus offered us a tour of everything. I wanted to know about flower vs oil, sativa vs indica plus a dab bar vs a vape lounge. It was undoubtedly interesting seeing all the cute names of the strains enjoy Girl Scout Cookies plus green kush. My guy plus I decided to try all sorts of items. Both of us got a vape plus some cannabis oil. I picked up a few cannabis cookies, caqndies plus even a cooking oil I planned to use when I cooked. Well turns out that both of us undoubtedly enjoy cannabis. The multiple of us blew through our products a few afternoons in the trip plus had to get some more. Both of us ended up meeting a few people in the vape lounge, spending time at the dab bar plus breaking out the cooking oil in our resort’s study room. It was such a fun time plus it wasn’t even necessary to get high. Most people relied on THC heavy products, however there were a few just CBD infused items. No matter what, both of us undoubtedly did enjoy what we bought. Too awful our neck of the woods is so harsh when it comes to marijuana use. The multiple of us don’t undoubtedly want to see if we can get a medical cannabis card.
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Clients are Happy to See Cannabis Delivery Driver

The exchange is less than a minute

The pandemic has ruined a lot of local businesses. The cleaning requirements, reduced minutes plus stupid rules have made it hard to remain profitable. The little restaurant I worked at was forced to do lay offs due to all the regulations. I started scrambling to find a work at the worst possible time. No retail stores are looking for workers during the holidays. They simply don’t need more employees this year. What supplier is doing undoubtedly well now of all times? Well I found out that the cannabis world is booming. They don’t need to have open storefronts to do business, cannabis delivery is a great thing that is only growing more popular, then you venue an order on the cannabis dispensary website, pay a little fee plus a driver takes it to your front door or mailbox. That is what I do now, I am a delivery driver for cannabis products. I have to say, I enjoy this way better than working in a restaurant. I can set our own minutes plus afternoons of the month that I bring out the deliveries. I also enjoy cranking our songs plus just driving around town in our car. The work isn’t all that hard either. I just style the address into our iphone, drive to the right place at drop off. Typically I meet the client right at the door plus hand them their bag. The exchange is less than a minute. Sometimes I leave on front steps, in carports or occasionally in a lockbox that I have the door code for. It is undoubtedly nice that I don’t come in close contact with people plus when I do, they are ecstatic to see me.
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My Brother is Trying Cannabis as a Treatment for Depression

My brother has constantly been a little hard to deal with.

He was a very angry child plus turned into an emotional high schooler. Now as an adult, he struggles with depression. Relying on traditional drugs for his depression isn’t the best. Not only is our brother not undoubtedly fine about taking them the right way, however he is the style of man that would abuse prescription pills in the right mood. I was trying to find natural things for our brother to take to help depression. My research is how I found that people smoke marijuana for this issue. Right away I talked to our brother about cannabis and how it might help depression. He was way more open minded to smoking rather than taking prescribed drugs. The budtender at the cannabis dispsenary had three or four strains that our brother could smoke. There was OG Kush, Blue Dream plus Purple Haze to just name a few. The guy at the shop started spouting off about sativas plus indicas. My brother plus I are clueless about cannabis, so both of us let the budtender pick out the b est option. The guy got our brother set up with a vape, some cannabis oil plus a few ounces of cannabis flower to get started. So far our brother smokes every morning before leaving the house plus right before bed. I have noticed he seems a lot more mellow plus in a better mood. I am thinking that if I don’t see a change in a month that is significant, he should change his dosage or strain. I am cautiously optimistic that cannabis will be the cure for his sad moods. It is better than pills, that is what I keep telling myself.

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Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

  • I have a queen size mattress with bamboo sheets on it.

I have an expensive gel cooling pillow. I also bought a sound machine, sleep mask plus I do mediation before hitting the hay to calm our mind. It does not seem to matter though. I stay up all night, with my eyes wide open. I just can’t seem to wind down plus sleep. Even if I go to sleep, I can promise I am going to be waking up every few minutes anway. I have looked into all sorts of things to assist me in getting to sleep. I have tried drinking, eating kiwi plus eliminating green light. None of what I have tried works, then recently I saw that people are turning to cannabis to lessen insomnia. My state unluckyly doesn’t allow recreational marijuana use, only medical. I am contemplating applying for a medical marijuana card plus getting a prescription to try flower plus oil. I wouldn’t care if I was so high I could hardly get to the bed. Honestly I would take a slap in the face to help myself and others sleep. So far I have found that getting a medical marijuana card isn’t overly trying. I need to find a doctor who can prescribe weed, see him, do some paperwork plus pay the administrative costs. Then I am fine to go plus can option up our cannabis products. There is no telling if the cannabis will help me sleep or not. I am being hopeful because this is something that I haven’t tried yet. If it fails, I am just going to be miserable.


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Spots on Skin Helped by Cannabis Cream

My skin has constantly been a bit troublesome, but ever since I went through puberty I have suffered with spots.

I have tried proactive, disinfect plus clear plus neutrogena products; None of those items have seemed to help our skin, but well I assume I have finally found the best product in the form of marijuana.

I research skin cleaning remedies all of the time. I read in an online forum that people are smoking weed to improve the look of their skin. Apparently weed can eliminate inflammation in the body plus it makes those spots look less green plus inflamed. Another pro of smoking pot is that it also cuts down on the amount of sebum the body makes. This is the oily, waxy substance that clogs pores to create acne. I went right away to our local cannabis dispensary looking for the best products. I didn’t want an edible containing sugar, fat plus carbs. I undoubtedly eat healthy to also help the looks of my skin. The budtender suggested a topical marijuana ointment for me. It looks just enjoy an acne cream however it has elements of the cannabis plant in it. It has a undoubtedly pleasant, peppermint smell to it plus it isn’t too liquidy. I assume enjoy I am not immediately clogging our pores putting it on our face. I even went the extra mile plus got a facial clean from the same line. I have been using the products for a few weeks and our acne is drying out. The spots is hardly noticeable plus I assume the marijuana products have helped.
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CBD Allows me to Fly without Fear

When I was promoted at work I thought I was going to have to turn it down because the promotion would mean traveling from state to state giving presentations to potential clients.

I am not scared of speaking in front of people… My anxiety stems from flying. I stick to car, bus plus train travel in my personal life, but unluckyly, a lot of potential clients are far enough away from the office that air travel is the only way. Thankfully I decided to research how to calm our flying anxiety before I turned down the job, a lot of people online recommended trying medical marijuana. Apparently legal weed can help treat anxiety with a little CBD plus sometimes THC. I was willing to give it a shot. I went through all the necessary paperwork in order to get a medical marijuana card. I then hauled my ittle self to the cannabis dispensary figuring I would get flower to smoke plus be wasted. I didn’t care, as long as I could get on a plane plus not freak out. The budtender was really helpful. The guy told myself and others I didn’t need to smoke a joint plus be high… He thought I should use a mouth spray with CBD in it instead. He told myself and others to take a few sprays upon arrival at the airport. I then can spray in the lavatory after I go through the security line plus maybe even on the flight lavatory during the flight, since it is a CBD infused product, I won’t get high, but I will stay calm. So far it has really helped.

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Vaping Has a Better Reputation Now

For a while vaping was considered bad.

  • A lot of people thought it was just appreciate smoking a cigarette.

When the smoke coming out of the vape got in faces they would quickly waft it away from them. The vapor doesn’t have an odor or contain any of the satisfied that the user vapes. Also, the people dying from vaping were inhaling genuinely inferior products. Now vaping is allowed in most areas and there is no stigma attached. Additionally, marijuana use is a lot more lenient. Certain areas are even recreational cannabis allowed. I live in a state where you can purchase items from a legal weed shop without a medical marijuana prescription. I, of course, like to vape cannabis oil rather than smoke flower or gain weight from edibles. There is something so pleasant and convenient about a vape. I appreciate that I can pack it in a suitcase, carry it in my pocket or wear it around my neck. The oil is right where I want it and I can take a few puffs at a time. When you inhale a joint, you are sort of obligated to finish the entire thing. Are you going to eat half a pot brownie? With smoking cannabis oil I can take a a little at a time. I can get a nice little high going without totally being wasted. It is nice taking a few hits before a sexual encounter, a flight, or even when I am going to visit the inlaws. It is the same thing as drinking a glass of wine to get a small buzz on.


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