Movie marathon made possible by cannabis

Going back as far as I can remember, I have loved action movies! Kung fu movies as a kid, however also sci fi action epics, and westerns, too! Arnold and Sly and Chuck were my job models growing up, and in my book Bruce Lee is still the king, baby! I have grown, become a mature adult, however my love of obscure action movies has absolutely grown over that time… I buy precious imports from overseas, and spend whole weekends blasting bowls and cannabis edibles and having movie marathons, recently I hosted some of my friends, saying I would supply all the drinks and the marijuana, however they had to stay until the sun came up. It was a challenge to see who could hang with me in smoking cannabis and watching intense, high octane action flicks. I started us all out pretty lightly, filling up the pipe with some bubble gum cannabis that doesn’t get you too stoned, then for the minute movie both of us moved up to the bong, and a tasty sativa strain that is a personal number one of mine. The people I was with and I ordered some pizza, had a round of beers, and then all had some cannabis gummies, because edible action is perfect for a movie marathon. Well, I come to find out that none of my friends can handle the quality or quantity of cannabis that I use, and they all started passing out in the home office. I finished the night alone, twisting up another fat joint of sativa as the sun came up. It was an all time fantastic night!



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