Cannabis for sale does not mean it's allowed

I was on holiday for a couple of weeks plus I was staying in a state where recreational cannabis is totally legal, however my friends plus I went to a few marijuana dispensaries plus all of us purchased some items to try, then the prices were higher than I wanted to pay so I thought it would be cool to look online for a better deal or a special.

One of my buddies decided to look at craigslist to see if marijuana products were cheaper.

The woman found someone online that had cannabis for sale.The woman had a couple of odd advertisements for marijuana strains plus my friends plus I thought it was totally legal to buy cannabis from an online supplier. I texted the advertisement PC number plus spoke with someone about ordering several ounces of marijuana. The woman was willing to provide myself and others several odd strains, so all of us could try a variety of west coast kush. The prices were lower than the dispensary, however not enough that it drew any red flags. My friends plus I met the woman with cannabis for sale in the park plus it turned out to be an undercover police officer, all of us got venued in handcuffs plus questioned at the police station. The cops decided to let us go when they realized that all of us were dumb youngsters from out of town, however they kept our money as evidence. All of us l received a particularly lavish plus crucial lesson about the dangers of legal cannabis for sale. All of us understand fully that it is only legal to buy cannabis from a state licensed plus authorized dispensary.

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