Cannabis delivery gaining popularity

Business is thriving in our state for the first time in years. Like the rest of the country, we’ve enjoyed a major boost to our economy due to the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. However, the outbreak of COVID has forced many companies to close their doors for indefinite periods of time. Even now that the initial lockdowns have been lifted, many restaurants, bars, fitness centers and small businesses failed to survive. The initial stimulus money granted by the government helped some people but wasn’t enough to keep everyone afloat. Despite the potential second wave of coronavirus infections, our local economy in my home state is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Non-essential companies have enjoyed a few months of regular business and are in a slow but steady recovery. There have even been a number of new companies opening in the local area. The number of cannabis dispensaries had increased dramatically. I see their service trucks everywhere, making delivery runs. They have definitely adapted to the times and the need for social distancing. The local dispensaries are now offering services such as curb-side pick up, in store pick up and delivery. They are making it as convenient and safe as possible for medical patients and recreational consumers to have access to their products. Some of these businesses are strictly delivery. With none of the overhead associated with a storefront, they are able to charge lower prices. The array of cannabis products that are now available is amazing. They offer everything from vape cartridges to tinctures, topicals and edibles.
legal cannabis dispensary