Cannabis dispensaries are opening for business

Business is thriving in my own state for the first time since last year.

Like the rest of the country, we saw a sizable impact on our economy after the outbreak of COVID.

Many local businesses were required to close down for indefinite periods of time. Even after the restrictions were lifted, many restaurants, bars and privately owned companies didn’t survive. There was stimulus cash provided by the government, but this wasn’t enough to keep all businesses going. I was worried that the entire world economy would fail, but thankfully we’ve managed to limp along. Despite the growing number of infections, our local economy in my home state has finally started to grow again. Non-essential businesses have enjoyed a few months of a return to operations and hopefully we are getting back to normal. There’s been some new businesses open in this area. There are cannabis stores and dispensaries opening continually. I see their various vehicles everywhere when they are out for delivery runs. Cannabis was illegal just 10 years ago. Now, everyone has access to legal cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. We can buy loose flower, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, vapes, edibles and gear. These dispensaries offer vape lounges, dab bars and cafes. These products are helpful for everything from arthritis pain to the nausea caused by chemotherapy. People who suffer from insomnia, PTSD, glaucoma and epilepsy are finding relief. There are different strains for different types of issues. It is a natural remedy that eliminates the long-term side-effects. Legalizing cannabis has been beneficial for a lot of people.
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