Getting my cannabis card was easy

The process of becoming a legal medical marijuana patient isn’t all that difficult.

I had no trouble getting my medical marijuana card.

I made an appointment with a local doctor. I explained that I sometimes suffer from social anxiety, insomnia and hot flashes due to menopause. I also deal with severe headaches on a fairly regular basis. After determining that I am in good physical health and mental state, the doctor provided the necessary recommendation. I now am able to visit the medical cannabis dispensary and choose from a wide array of products. I don’t have unlimited access. I can’t buy up a truckload of cannabis. I am not eligible for some of the products that offer a high THC content. However, I’m able to get exactly what I need to help with my issues. I can choose from a variety of consumption methods. I started out sticking with loose flower and smoking. I took advantage of the convenience of pre-rolls and tried some different terpenes to see what I liked. On the recommendation of my budtender, I’ve branched out to vaping. I like that vaping is way more discreet. There is no pungent odor to alert anyone that I’m consuming cannabis. I can take a puff off a vape pen right inside the house without creating any smoke or unpleasant smell. I’ve also found that I like the convenience of tinctures. A couple of drops under my tongue and I’m all set. Although I’ve only sampled a few different kinds of edibles, I’m not a fan. I don’t care for the taste and I don’t like the uncertainty of the dosage. I’m afraid to do more than nibble a small piece and end up just waiting around for it to take effect.

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