I am happy with getting my cannabis delivered

I am a pretty sizable fan of curbside delivery and dwelling delivery for as much as I can possibly order online! I have belonged to that online retailer for four months now, and shipping is free and packages arrive in approximately 2 days.

  • I tried the app that shops for you at the grocery store, but when I came to learn that the prices are more expensive on the groceries, I made the choice to do the shopping myself or do the curbside pick available at the giant retailer! After months of getting a majority of my stuff online, I have also embraced online cannabis purchases and cannabis delivery services.

I have no desire in the slightest to drive to the legal pot store near me and get my medical cannabis products physically. I am perfectly satisfied to go to the online cannabis store, make my order, and wait at home until the cannabis delivery man knocks on my front door. After all these months of regularly depending on delivery, I am hoping that weed delivery never stops. At first, if I remember properly, the state legislators said it was not legal to purchase medical marijuana online, as there was no way to have any real oversight over the product and protect the safety of the citizens. I assume the pandemic allowed for exceptions in the medical weed business, and I sincerely hope that the exceptions are not removed once the whole crazy virus thing is over. I find it relatively easy and straightforward to go to the online cannabis store near me and never have to pump gas in the car. I wonder if the federal government will supply income to suppliers that allow workers to task from home. I mean, gas consumption in my dwelling has been cut down a great deal.


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