I can afford cannabis for my arthritis

My budget is fairly tight because of all of my expenses.

It seems as the cost of living is rising faster than my wages.

Rent is increasing every year. Gas prices are steadily going up and inflation has reduced buying power at the grocery store by quite a bit. Having to follow a strict budget is how I survived for years. When I lived by myself and only had expenses for one person, it was easier. I managed to stick to a tight budget. But thankfully those days are over. My job offered me a promotion. I got a significant raise. I’ve gotten married and our combined income allows us a more comfortable way of life. I am now able to spend a bit of money on luxuries. I am not sure if I would call cannabis a luxury or a necessity. I have difficulties with arthritis. The cannabis I purchase helps with the pain. I can get by with over the counter options such as tylenol or Advil but it’s not as effective. I typically purchase a tincture at the dispensary. With a few drops of oil under my tongue, I have relief from the pain. I’m able to use my fingers and hands without suffering stiffness. I can live a normal life and pursue my hobbies. Although cannabis is fairly expensive, I believe it is worth it. My wife suffers from migraines. She has also found cannabis to be extremely helpful. We both prefer this natural, holistic remedy to prescription drugs. The long-term side-effects of conventional medication are worrisome. Plus, we’d have all of the time and money for doctor’s visits. We like the freedom of visiting the dispensary and making our own choices.

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