I can finally afford to buy cannabis

My budget every month was always rather tight.

I had a lot of expenses.

I was attempting to pay off huge student loans while also covering health and car insurance. The cost of living seemed to rise faster than my wages. I struggled to cover the cost of rent and groceries. Gas prices and utilities steadily go up nearly every month. For the first five years after college, I lived on a strict budget. However, I’ve done well in my job. I live by myself and have paid off my college loans. My available budget has significantly increased and I’m now able to afford some luxuries. I moved into a better apartment and can go out to eat once in a while. I’ve taken a few trips and bought some new clothes. I’ve also spent a little money at the local cannabis dispensary. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in my state, I prefer it over buying an expensive bottle of wine or whiskey. I would much rather choose from some flower, shatter or vapes than drink alcohol. Cannabis is no more expensive and it’s definitely way healthier. It’s a natural remedy that’s been used for medical benefits for thousands of years. It has shown promise in the treatment of cancer, glaucoma, insomnia, arthritis, pain, depression, anxiety and all sorts of things. There are no long-term side-effects and no one has ever overdosed on cannabis. These products aren’t exactly cheap. The government is making quite a profit on the taxes they are charging. I can only afford to indulge in cannabis now that I’m making more money.


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