I’d rather stop at cannabis than a bar

Since I rarely go out in the evenings, I often find it a challenge to decide on what beer I want to drink.

There are always so many choices. Just the selection of craft beer can be a little overwhelming. There is also an extensive selection of options available at the local cannabis dispensary. I am amazed by how many new cannabis infused products there are on the current market. There are all different strains from pure indica and sativa to hybrids that lean one way or another. There are a variety of consumption methods including smoking, vaping, dabbing, tinctures and edibles. I’ve seen a recent increase in the number of skin care items at the dispensary. I believe these cannabis infused topicals can be used for arthritis, aches and pains and acne. There are bath bombs for anyone who wants to soak in the tub. I am also excited by the menu of edibles. Where there used to be a limited number of gummies and brownies, I can now buy cannabis infused drinks, chocolate, granola, butter, cooking oils and pasta sauces. The array of options is nearly endless. I am just beginning to understand the differences in the terpenes. I am gradually trying different flavors and aromas to see what appeals. I would much prefer to make a stop at the cannabis dispensary and spend a relaxing evening at home than go out to a bar. I spend less money and feel way better the next day. I don’t need to worry about a designated driver and the cannabis provides a natural remedy to aches and pains.

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