I’m a fan of cannabis gummies

I often buy what is on the weekly special in order to try something new

I have had a sweet tooth my whole life. It started when my Grandmother watched me and my sister while our mom and dad worked. She’d buy us all sorts of candies. One of our favorite things to do was visit the ice cream shop down the road from her house. They had a selection of candy we could sprinkle on the ice cream and I always liked the gummy candies best. When I visited a local cannabis dispensary for the first time, I was surprised to find the wide selection of cannabis edibles. They have a bakery right on-site where they make cookies, brownies and muffins. They also make cannabis-infused drinks such as smoothies, tea and coffee. They sell cooking ingredients including cannabis infused granola, oils, butter and pasta sauces. They offer a line of candies including hard candies, chocolates and gummies. I had purchased CBD gummies off the internet for the past couple of years. They were often stale and hard and disappointing. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in my state, it’s easier to come by higher quality products. The dispensary ensures that all of their products are made without pesticides. They display the cannabinoid ratios and explain the terpenes. The products are clearly displayed and I can browse and make educated choices. The budtenders are happy to explain options. I often buy what is on the weekly special in order to try something new. However, I always end up going back to the gummies. I simply like them the best.
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