Marijuana helps me to relax after work

There’s very little involved

I enjoy reading scientific journals. I keep up with advances in psychology. Psychology was one of my primary academic majors in college. I had considered going into medicine at one time. My career path led me in a different direction. I was anxious to be done with school and enter the workforce. Before graduation, I sent out resumes all around our city. I was offered a job right away and have steadily climbed the ranks. After several promotions, I am making very good money. However, I work extremely long hours and am often required to travel. My days are stressful and I find it difficult to wind down. I struggle to sleep at night and often wake up with headaches. I really can’t afford to be sluggish and exhausted at work. I began to worry about subsequent health issues. I started to suffer from aches and pains in my joints. I did some research and read up on the many benefits of cannabis. I had tried everything from sleeping pills to drinking wine in the evenings. Both of these options left me feeling horrible the following morning. Cannabis has been a game changer. I visited a local dispensary, explained my situation to the budtender and got some recommendations. I came home with a couple of pre-rolls, a tincture and a vape with some cartridges. I’ve experimented with different consumption methods and prefer the tinctures. There’s very little involved. I place a couple of drops of cannabis oil under my tongue and within a few minutes, I am relaxed. I am able to sleep deeply through the night and wake up refreshed.


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