My dad has access to legal cannabis

He’s started playing golf again

It can be difficult to deal with different laws from one state to another. Certain states have relaxed their restrictions on recreational drugs and pharmaceutical medications. Other states are remaining strict in their enforcement and control of these substances. My father suffers from chronic back pain due to a series of spinal injuries. He worked in construction for 40 years. Despite receiving some of the best physical rehabilitation, he was unable to get his mobility back. My dad is very limited with what he can physically do. He is in steady pain, no matter what he does. The opiate pain medications might have their uses but they weren’t helping my dad. His quality of life was terrible. Fortunately, our state government finally decided to make cannabis legal. I took my dad to a local dispensary. We talked to the budtender. We explained about the pain my dad suffers and asked for a recommendation. The budtender was great. He was super knowledgeable about the different products. He explained the effects and advantages of the different strains. We considered sativa, indica and hybrid options. My dad said he didn’t want to smoke anything. The budtender suggested that the considered a tincture. With this oil my dad just places a couple of drops under his tongue. Within a few minutes, he had relief from the pain. There are no side-effects. He has seen a significant improvement. He’s now able to walk around without pain. He’s started playing golf again. He is so much happier and has more energy.


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