My roommate sells marijuana

When you take a random match up for a roommate, you know you are rolling the dice. It was a big gamble, but at the time my resources were very limited, I had no other options, so I decided that anything would be better than living in my car. It turns out that I was very right, and choosing to live in my car would have been a huge mistake. The apartment I got assigned to from the roommate service had a nice room, modern amenities, and it turns out that my new roomie is a marijuana dealer, which is a big plus for me. Sure, I have my medicinal marijuana card, which means I can go to any dispensary in the state and buy whatever I want. But you know what’s even easier and faster, is buying it from the guy you share an apartment with. Driving a few blocks for cannabis was amazing, but now I just have to walk to the end of the hall and knock on his door and I am all set. As it stands right now, the state has legalized medical marijuana and is about to vote on legalizing it for recreational use, as well. My roomie is pretty mad about that, because he says if recreational marijuana is legalized then the market will collapse and he won’t be able to live by selling weed any more. If I am being honest ,and selfish, I would admit that I like the idea of recreational marijuana being legal, but what I like even more is having a roommate that sells to me at cost.