Replacing conventional medications with cannabis

The side-effects are gone

I’m not happy with the side effects from prescription medications. Conventional medication sometimes does more harm than good. The pills the doctor prescribed for me caused me to feel fuzzy and lethargic. I found it difficult to properly do my job. I was suffering from headaches and dizziness because of the medicine. At one point, I broke out in an itchy rash. I tried one dosage that caused me extreme nausea every single time. I couldn’t eat and worried I was going to throw up at my desk. The pills had so many side effects that I couldn’t separate my actual medical symptoms from them. I felt no better and maybe even worse. I also read up on the long-term risks of these medications and was no longer willing to take them. I started looking for a safer, more natural alternative. I need something for depression and anxiety. I consulted with my doctor, researched online and was getting discouraged when I happened across an article about the potential benefits of THC and CBD. While the research and studies are definitely lacking, there are lots of patient success stories. My doctor was not convinced and uncooperative. I simply found a different doctor and got my medical cannabis card. I made the trip to the dispensary, got some recommendations from the budtender and I now treat my anxiety and depression with cannabis. It’s wonderful. I feel better than I have in years. The side-effects are gone. I can one again be productive at my job. I wake up in the morning feeling energized and positive.

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