The rude guy didn't tip me a penny

Customer service positions are the hardest jobs to maintain because people will always try your patience.

I’ve worked in the customer service industry for most of my life and during those thirty years, the job has never gotten easier.

In fact, I think people are generally getting more needy, whiny, and demanding when it comes to the food service industry. After five years with my previous employer, I moved to a new job. The new job is a lot different, but in many ways it is still the same. Instead of working in a restaurant, I am working in a marijuana dispensary. I had to take a special three hour class to work in the dispensary, but the company paid for the test and the training. As a budtender in the marijuana dispensary, it’s my job to make the customers happy. I do that by answering questions, helping with product education and choosing the right strains for my customers. On the weekends, I also work as a delivery driver for the same marijuana dispensary. I started working as a delivery driver to make some extra cash last Christmas. The boss let me keep working weekend shifts after the holidays. Last Sunday, I had a delivery way out in the country. I was still inside the delivery zone, but I was at least five miles away from the store. The rude guy answered the door with a vicious barking dog. He held the dog a foot from my face the whole time he counted out exact change for the order. The guy didn’t even tip me a penny.


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