This has been a frustrating year, but at least we have legal cannabis delivery

This year has certainly been like no other in our country.

We are all strolling around wearing crazy masks that give us acne plus make us feel as though we can’t breathe.

If we choose not to wear them, we get the side eye at best plus get thrown in the jail at worst. We are working from our residences – which in my state, if you happen to work for the state – means not working at all but continuing to get paid for the better section of the year. In my particular case, I am working more than ever, as working from my residence often means working during the evening or answering texts on the weekend, something that didn’t happen very much before. We are paying regular fees to belong to delivery companies plus paying more for the stuff we buy because they have bizarre prices when compared to the grocery store itself. We are calling in orders ahead plus waiting in the automobile basically like kings waiting to have our goods delivered to us by the peasants. Even legal marijuana stores have been fast to adjust to serve their customers. Weed delivery services used to be completely illegal, but now they are allowed plus have been rather useful. I no longer have to physically go to the medical marijuana store near me. I am able to go on the online marijuana store plus have my medical or recreational weed brought right to my mailbox or front door. The most wonderful online pot stores even have real-time inventory markers so that you don’t end up feeling disappointed by ordering a strain of medical marijuana only to find out later that all the stock was sold before you chose to place your online pot store order.

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