Trying cannabis over conventional medications

I’m not willing to deal with the side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

Feeling tired is only half the problem. Some of these medications make me dizzy and give me headaches. Others will cause me to suffer a rash. I have one drug that gives me extreme nausea. I have so many side effects from the medications that it can be difficult to separate the actual medical issues from those caused by the medicines. It’s a difficult process of trying to figure out what is worse, my medical concerns or the medication. Many of the medications that are offered for anxiety issues are addictive. I need help with depression and anxiety. I’m not sure if I’m willing to deal with the consequences of the pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed. A close friend of mine suggested I try cannabis. He said that marijuana is a natural remedy. I could try CBD products that are non psychoactive or go with THC. Apparently people have had some success with combining THC and CBD for the treatment of mental concerns like mine. Cannabis is also helpful for treating pain, epilepsy, and nerve damage. It’s legal in my states for medical and recreational purposes. I have the ability to walk into a dispensary and purchase THC and CBD products. Seeing the wide variety of cannabis options was impressive. I decided to give it a try. I bought tinctures from a legal cannabis dispensary, following the recommendations of the budtender. I’m finally seeing some relief from my issues. I like that the cannabis is a natural product with no extended side-effects.

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