Trying new cannabis products

My local cannabis dispensary offers a digital menu on the wall. It is extremely helpful for me. I don’t have the best eyesight and I often forget to bring my reading glasses with me. Although all of the products are clearly displayed with detailed descriptions, I have difficulty reading them. I like to have my choices made before I consult with the budtender. The digital menu is very easy to read. It provides information about the weekly specials, featured items and new products. There is information about THC and CBD levels, whether indica, sativa or hybrid strains and some details about the terpenes. I’ve been learning more about the different flavors, aromas and effects of cannabis. I am trying new things and discovering the many benefits. At one time, I strictly stuck with loose flower or maybe pre-rolls. I had the one kind of diesel-like flavor that I preferred and was reluctant to experiment. However, after speaking with the budtenders and other patrons of the dispensary, I decided to branch out. I’ve also been experimenting with other consumption methods. Rather than strictly smoking, I’ve given vaping and dabbing a chance. I believe they are better for my lungs and a bit more discreet. I’ve recently tried tinctures and really liked how easy that is. I can place a few drops under my tongue and there’s no odor, fumes or smoke to indicate that I’m consuming it. I can carry the tincture with me anywhere I go. The effects are quite quick as well. I’m now starting to try topicals. I have difficulties with aches and pains due to my job, and the cannabis infused lotions are extremely helpful to me.
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