Working at cannabis dispensary

I find my job at the dispensary rewarding and fulfilling

I enjoy reading scientific journals. I like to keep up with advances in psychology. It was my major in college. I considered going into the field, but my career took a different turn before I ever followed up on it. In an attempt to pay off student loans as quickly as possible, I sent out tons of resumes. I dropped off applications all across our city. I was prepared to accept any job that I was offered. I was offered a job at a cannabis dispensary in my local area. They are just opening up. With the legalization of cannabis in our local state, the industry was just emerging. From the classes I took in college, I knew quite a bit about business and marketing. I had no knowledge of cannabis. I needed to go through training to become a qualified budtender. I found the information fascinating. I not only learned how to approach and consult with customers but about the actual product. I needed to learn about the farming and extraction processes. I needed to understand the difference between sativa and indica plants as well as hybrid strains. I studied terpenes and cannabinoid levels. In the last few years, various studies on the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis have become more common. There is a ton of positive data proving marijuana provides a wide range of medical opportunities. When medical marijuana was still limited to a handful of states, the research was insufficient. I have become an advocate of the advantages of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. I find my job at the dispensary rewarding and fulfilling. I help people determine what products will work best for them and achieve a better quality of life.

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