Changing what my favorite is

When I was growing up, my number one food was always the same.

It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what kind of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say chicken wings.

I could have just finished eating an entire box of wings by myself and I would have still said that my number one food was wings. Although I prefer all sorts of seasoning combinations on it too. BBQ, Buffalo, medium or mild is all okay with me. Either you love wings like I do, or you genuinely hate and detest the thought of getting someplace near a wing with BBQ sauce. Wings are still a single of one of my favorite foods. Right now I like soup though. My mood towards cannabis strains change as time goes on as well. I used to appreciate Purple haze and Blue Dream more than any other strains of cannabis. My school friends and I were all obsessed with Purple Haze back in the afternoon because it was an exotic strain that the group of us got once or twice a year if the two of us were blessed. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still prefer Purple Haze cannabis if you provided it to me, but our preferences have changed in the years since school. Right now my favorite cannabis strains are orange kush and OG Kush. There are so several special strains of cannabis available right now, but I still prefer these two classics. Although Purple Haze and Blue Dream are hybrid strains of cannabis, they have strange effects. Blue Dream is more cerebral while Purple Haze is more enjoyable and calming. Thankfully I have no trouble finding either at the cannabis dispensaries near our apartment.

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