I do not care for paying $25 each time to get cannabis delivered from 1 particular weed store

All of the new delivery fees are making pizza delivery orders way more overpriced than I want to afford.

I used to enjoy buying pizza and having it delivered to our house, however the costs keep going up in our area.

When you get the opening of either buying a frozen pizza or making one from scratch with the raw dough, it becomes questionable whether or not ordering pizza delivery is ever worth it at all. Especially if you use homemade meat as toppings, prefer delicious italian sausage or honey glazed ham. Even the best pizzerias in our city do not use high quality meats for their toppings. All of the vegetables also seem prefer they are the cheapest possibilities available at the local grocery store or produce market. But pizza isn’t the only thing that costs an arm & leg to get delivered right to your house. If you don’t want to visit cannabis dispensaries in person, you can pay to use a cannabis delivery service. Although it’s seriously convenient, it’s hard to afford the $25 service fee that more than 2 dispensaries charge if you want your order of marijuana products to be delivered right to your house. I properly just make our order on the internet & then I head to the local dispensary. They put myself and others in the express line & in a matter of minutes I’m walking out the front door with our cannabis products in hand. If the cannabis dispensaries decide to quit charging so much money to get apartment delivery, I might pursue that as another option. But for now, I’ll just make express orders on the internet before visiting the cannabis dispensary physically. Since the legal cannabis dispensary only allows a handful of clients in the building at almost any given moment, so I’m not overly upset about the risk of exposure to the virus.

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