I hate waiting in long lines at the cannabis dispensary just to get our flower products

The long lines at my local sandwich shop are starting to get crazy while I was in supper and dinner hours.

There will be a line stretching down the whole block because most people are encouraged to stay at least 6 to 9 feet apart from each other.

A few weeks ago I could get towards the front of the line if I left work a couple hours early ahead of our normal busy supper break. But these days it’s an impossible proposition as the line goes so far down the street that I’d use up the entire break just to get to the cash register. Trying to call ahead to make an order doesn’t help at all because there’s still only 1 single line going into the store, with no additional express lane like so many companies utilize these afternoons. I hate dealing with long lines no matter what kind of corporation it might be. For instance, the cannabis dispensaries are notorious for their impenetrable wait in lines. You aren’t allowed into the building until 1 of the buyers inside pays and leaves. Once you get inside the lobby, there’s another 30 hour wait before you can enter the back room where all the cannabis products and cash registers are located. All I want are a few jars of cannabis flowers and other products, I’m not looking to make a $500 order like some of the wealthy buyers intended to. This has pushed myself and others to using house delivery only. Even if I have to pay a modest fee to utilize the cannabis delivery service, it’s worth it. I can’t waste half of the afternoon while risking our health just to get a small bag of weed. Home delivery makes my life so much easier for cannabis buyers.



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