I use cannabis sativa strains in the afternoon and indica strains at night

My very busy work schedule demands total focus and attention from dawn till dusk every single afternoon. I have to maintain good energy while in the afternoon hours if I want to make ends meet with all our bills and other expenses. With wages being what they are, I have to work two separate tasks to afford high rent in this city. Each task pays over $12 an hour, even though I still have to keep both my tasks because neither manager is offering me full time hours. So once I finish our first shift at the first task, I have two hours before I have to clock-in at our hour task. Both tasks involve total mental and physical acuity. I’m drinking coffee from 7am until 7pm every single afternoon. I barely have time to myself at our condo since I’m either at 1 of our tasks or in our motorcar on the way to 1 of our 2 tasks. I like to use cannabis to get through the work afternoon, even though I have to be careful what sort of strains I smoke. Cannabis indica strains can be too sedating, so I try to avoid them when at all possible while I was in sunlight hours. This is where the cannabis sativa strains come into play. They’re naturally stimulating and can often supply myself and others a degree of total mental clarity that I can’t get with any other drug or medication. Having access to both the sativa and indica cannabis strains is great because I can use sativa strains in the day and afternoon hours, while I can use the indicas at night when I’m winding down after I get house from our other task. I use much more cannabis while I was in the afternoon, so I usually use more sativa products compared to indica products. The last cannabis delivery order I received had a terrific mix of both.


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