My kid wants to go task at a legal marijuana dispensary

My kid Roni told me that she is ready to quit her job at 1 of the local law firms plus go to task at a legal marijuana dispensary.

She has been working there at this law firm for a long time, although she has definitely decided already that she hates that line of task plus it’s just really too stressful for her… Even though she does make a whole lot of cash there, cash is not equal to having peace of mind.

I am blissful to know that even though she’s fairly young, Roni already has a really wonderfully sharp head on her shoulders. She knows that cash can’t buy happiness plus that’s why she has started to consider a different sort of work altogether. She wants to eventually open up and run her really own recreational marijuana store so that she can sell all sorts of legal weed plus cbd oils and other products. She has consistently had her mind set on doing something that deals with holistic health, so she has decided that a cannabis store is the best supplier plan that she could possibly settle on. While legal marijuana stores are popping up all over the place around the area, there still aren’t any cannabis dispensaries close to us at all. If she is able to get all of the job training plus certifications done, Roni would have the really first legal pot store somewhere in our area. I believe that she would do fantastic at sales plus at the supplier end of the endeavor too. Roni’s a natural born saleswoman plus I believe that a cannabis store would be perfect for her.

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