My love of gardening

My friend Amy and I are big time gardeners.

I was her assistant in her orchid garden as well as exotic plant garden.

She taught me how important it is to water, feed, dig a proper hole and care for each of her plants. Once I was prepared enough to do much of the work by myself, she helped me create a flower bed on my own. I was so obsessed with gardening as well as seeing as these small seedlings would grow into big lush flower shoots with brilliant colors I could imagine. I had to take a break while in university, but I was back at it when I graduated as well as took a task in the city. My more than 2 closest friends as well as I are renting a place that is only a few blocks from the beach, as well as our area outside is small. I have a few flower plants as well as a lemon tree out there, however there isn’t room to grow cannabis. After recreational cannabis became legal in my state, I decided I’d try my hand at growing my own marijuana plants. But growing indoors has me headed in current territory. I had to buy books on marijuana cultivation to get a better understanding of what sort of gear I would need. The other day I purchased the good lighting that I need for the small grow box that I’m building in my kitchen closet. These lights weren’t low cost, however they’ll ensure that I have strong plants with high yields of cannabis flower buds that can be dry-cured as well as smoked.

Cannabis growth