My tea and cannabis

I was so excited that the grocery store finally restocked our number one tea.

I’m an avid tea drinker because of what I do for work. Some of my bi-weekly pills make me tired as a typical side effect, so retaining my energy from start to finish is harder than it might be for someone else. I get so tired that I’m throwing back cups of tea all afternoon so I can just keep up with the rest of society. As a result of our constant tea drinking, I’ve tried an unbelievable number of tea varieties. I used to have a tea maker and I’d buy fresh leaves to use at home. I still do this on occasion, but as silly as this might sound, I appreciate instant tea now. And not just any variety of instant tea, but really this product that comes directly from India. It’s cheap instant tea, but the flavor is smooth and the side effects are strong but not anxiety inducing at the same time. Whenever the store is out of our number one tea, I get really distraught. I try to buy more than a single jar at a time in case this is ever an issue. I wish I could do that with our number one cannabis flower products, but the cost is too much. Right now I subsist on mainly sativa strains of cannabis flower buds because I use them throughout the day while I work. The stimulating sativas combine with our tea. The two modulate each other, giving me energy, calmness, and focus all at the same time.


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