There are 3 current medical marijuana dispensaries near me

I just moved to the big city after living in the suburbs for the past several years.

The selection of stores & pizzerias was so limited.

I remember having to drive over 15 minutes from our apartment just to find the closest grocery store. If I wanted to shop at a supercenter or a big department store, I’d have to drive yet another 15 minutes in a unusual direction. I think the two of us had 3 pizzerias at most in our small town. One of them was loosely an Italian pizzeria & pizzeria, another was an upstate NY type Chinese pizzeria, & the third was an average restaurant. I think there were a few bars at most as well. After I moved into the city, I was completely blown away by the sheer array of companies there are in every city & city burrough. There are several nice pizzerias within a many mile radius around our apartment. I have the fortune of being near so more than 2 different medical marijuana dispensaries as well. I went on the internet & used a search engine to find all the medical marijuana dispensaries near myself and others since I am a medicinal marijuana patient here in our apartment state. Apparently 3 of the multiple medicinal marijuana dispensaries near myself and others are current businesses. None of those 3 have been living here in the city for longer than 3 months. It seems prefer the city is growing as fast as the state’s medicinal marijuana program is. I don’t even have to go to the dispensaries in man despite how more of them are located nearby. I’m so close to these dispensaries that I’m eligible for free apartment delivery for all of our cannabis products & orders. It’s so great living in a city with so more than 2 options, especially when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries.

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