We are looking for a legal pot dispensary near our house

We are hunting for a legalized pot dispensary near our house.

There hasn’t been 1 in our area for quite some time, plus the old 1 we had shut down during the Springtime when all of the coronavirus quarantines happened.

I was pretty worried when that happened, to tell you the truth. I mean, lets be honest here, of all the times that you need your legal marijuana products, it’s during a pandemic. I personally felt that all of the cannabis dispensaries in the state should have been labeled as necessary businesses, because let’s just face it, when almost everyone is stressed out about losing their jobs plus feeling sick plus being stuck at lake home all the time, recreational marijuana can definitely be a truly helpful thing! I think that I was pretty blissful that I had a little bit of a stockpile of my own CBD products and hemp oil that I could use myself during the first few weeks of the shutdown. I definitely needed some help with sleeping at night, plus with my anxiety plus generally, my CBD products help myself and others out with both of those problems. I believe that someone out there should really believe about reopening a legal pot dispensary near our house. The 1 that used to be here before was truly doing a whole lot of supplier because it was the only 1 in about a five mile radius from here. I believe I will just keep looking, however hopefully I’m sure 1 will open up soon. If it doesn’t, maybe I will look into the licensing procedures for opening up a legal marijuana dispensary by myself! Stranger things have happened, I guess.


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