You can get pre-rolled joints with the rest of your cannabis delivery order

I prefer it when the local cannabis dispensaries throw extra items in your bag for free whenever you visit & make an order.

It began when the first smokable flower products became legal in the state.

Whenever you’d buy your cannabis products, the dispensaries would throw in a pack of papers & a butane lighter. They still offer the free rolling papers without asking, however you have to request a lighter if you want 1 from the cannabis dispensary itself. Some of the dispensaries will throw a sticker with their brand logo inside your take out bag when you get to the checkout counter. Other dispensaries used to have bowls of free candy out on the counter tops back before the coronavirus forced all companies to change their sanitation practices. Right now I’m making fortune of our favorite cannabis dispensary promotion yet. One legal cannabis dispensary is giving away so many pre-rolled joints with every cannabis delivery order. To encourage clients to utilize their new cannabis delivery services, they are giving away many pre-rolled joints of a customer’s option with every single delivery order they make. I had already switched to using the new cannabis delivery repair before this promotion was conceived, so I was able to benefit from the beginning. I prefer knowing that I get many pre-rolled joints every week when I make our weekly medical marijuana purchases from the medical cannabis dispensary. Since I properly buy some vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, & capsules, getting free smokable joints is great. It completes our selection of wide variety with the medical marijuana products that I purchase & use in our day to day life. This makes it even better when I’m lucky & I get joints from a batch with over 20% THC inside.


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