You can order delivery from recreational marijuana stores in our area

I very much miss being able to find fairly priced food delivered to our old apartment.

I lived downtown near the hub for food in our town and the possibilities were plentiful.

Because I lived so close to most of these small businesses, although I never paid additional costs to get our food delivered to our apartment. There were no delivery fees or increased costs on the meals, even though I always gave tips to the delivery boys and women! Now that I live in the suburbs, I have to use a 3rd-party delivery service to get take-out food from the same eating establishments. This is because of the fact that I’m too far away for their personal delivery workers to reach. So if I decide I need a delivery order from the Thai eating establishment, I pay a delivery fee and increased the costs on every item I order. Some of the cannabis dispensaries operate under very similar guidelines when it comes to their delivery services. Most of the local cannabis dispensaries offer delivery for an additional fee if you don’t meet a predetermined minimum order. Usually the delivery service is free if your order is at least $200 or more. If your order total is less than $175, you’re charged a delivery fee of $15 or $20. This can add up suddenly, even if you’re getting a full week’s worth of cannabis all at once. Thankfully, 1 of the top-shelf local cannabis dispensaries has waived their delivery fees while I was in the pandemic. The deliveries are restricted to a few afternoons a week, but as long as you order ahead of time this isn’t a big problem for me. They also deliver cannabis to anyone in the state, no matter how remote their homes are located.

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