I fell asleep in the middle of the morning meeting

I decided to try a new hybrid strain this morning and it was a terrible idea. When I went to the marijuana dispensary last night, the budtender told me that the hybrid strain was a perfect 50/50 blend. I really prefer a hybrid strain for daytime use, because it usually provides pain relief without making me very drowsy. I don’t sleep very well at night. I hardly ever rest more than four or five hours. If I use an indica dominant strain during the day, I find it very difficult to stay awake. This morning, I felt like I used an indica dominant strain. I felt very relaxed and lightheaded which is a normal feeling. That tired feeling usually subsides with a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid. Instead, I fell asleep in the middle of my morning meeting. My boss was talking about the last quarter earnings and I fell asleep. When I say asleep, I mean snoring out loud asleep. My boss had to yell my name before I realized that I was drooling down the front of my tie. I was completely and totally embarrassed, but my coworkers were laughing out loud. My boss didn’t seem angry and he made a comment about his boring speech. After the meeting I apologized for falling asleep and told the guy I wasn’t feeling very well. He sent me home for the rest of the day so I could rest. The guy even paid me for a whole day. Things could have easily turned out differently if my boss wasn’t such a swell guy.

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