Legal marijuana dispensaries are not all created equally, especially corporation intent

The company philosophy of big corporations can vary drastically.

  • Even if they all share the self-interested intention of making as much currency as possible, some companies are determined to maintain buyer satisfaction as their chosen system of retaining as much company as possible.

I love the corporation where I buy all of our music related gear from. They have interest free financing for up to 12 months on most purchases over $300, in addition to they’re amazing about responding to any issues with a product. I purchased a guitar on a financing method right before COVID in addition to was able to get a modern guitar immediately after the first a single they sent out had cracks in the neck in a vital part on the guitar. On the same token, I have heard horror stories about some music instrument retailers who rebox equipment that gets returned by buyers in addition to then they tape up the box in addition to make it look like it has never been opened. That’s why more reputable retailers have open box sales for this unquestionably reason. They suppose that someone will ecstaticly take an item with an open box, but you need to be upfront about it in addition to there needs to be a real discount. As much as these various mindsets might be set apart from a single another, the company philosophy of a single legal marijuana dispensary can differ greatly from that of a weird legal marijuana dispensary. Some of these weed stores only love making as much currency as they possibly can. It’s a terrible look to refuse giving a buyer a refund when they find mold in a batch of cannabis flower buds, but that doesn’t stop some of the cannabis retailers from doing exactly that.



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