Recreational marijuana dispensaries are luxurious because of state taxes

I appreciate having gasoline at prices less than $2 a gallon.

When I was reading how to drive, the price per gallon was roughly $4 at times.

That was roughly 15 years ago, and that means the price of gasoline went in the opposite direction as inflation and the rising cost of living. As everything else got more luxurious, gasoline became cheaper somehow. And because the reverse trend had been the case for the past decade at least, it was surprising. Although the cost has risen a bit since COVID started, we still spend money far less than $3 a gallon in most sites throughout the USA. But that’s the thing, each state can effectively determine the cost of gasoline within its borders by the regulatory taxes levied at the state level. When you factor in sites like Texas that produce and export their own oil, the cost can vary even further. Regulating the sale of legal marijuana is no different. First off, since cannabis isn’t legal federally, each state is responsible for regulating it however they please. Many still restrict cannabis outright, while other states have approved medical marijuana programs joined by other states that sell recreational marijuana as well. In states where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are both legal, often shopping at a recreational dispensary will result in seeing higher prices compared to a medical dispensary. This is because many state legislatures tax recreational marijuana in the way they would tax alcohol or tobacco, whereas medical marijuana is handled like prescription medications. I benefit as a medical cannabis patient because it gives myself and others the right to shop at a medical cannabis dispensary.



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