Finding alternatives to smoking cannabis

They are discreet and easy.

For as long as I can remember, my father was a smoker. He told me that he started smoking when he was 15 years old. He smoked right up until the day he died. He went through multiple packs of cigarettes every day. It was odd to see him without a cigarette in his mouth. He died from lung cancer due to the damage caused by years of non stop smoking. Seeing what my dad went through, I am anti-smoking. I don’t like to try anything that might harm the health of my lungs. I have never even tried weed because of this fear. I realize marijana is not the same type of threat as smoking tobacco, but I am unwilling to inhale any substance into my lungs. I recently began struggling with issues of anxiety. I become nervous, sweaty and uptight right before heading to work. My issues were starting to affect my productivity and everyday life to the point where I struggled to leave my apartment. I was unwilling to take anti-anxiety medication and potentially become reliant on them. I read up on the subject and learned that a lot of people have found relief from anxiety disorders through medical marijuana. They seemed to suffer no side-effects. I made the trip to my local cannabis dispensary, not knowing what to expect. I consulted with a budtender and explained that I didn’t want to smoke anything. I was looking for a natural option to treat my anxiety without damaging my lungs. Thankfully, the cannabis industry is vast and there’s all sorts of strains and consumption methods. I discovered that I can use a few drops of an oil or even a mouth spray right before work. It doesn’t taste all that good but definitely soothes my anxiety. On especially difficult mornings, I carry along a bag of cannabis gummies. They are discreet and easy. I stick with a high CBD content and low THC amount. Cannabis has been a real lifesaver this past year. I am starting to feel healthy and like myself again.

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