Getting my medical cannabis card wasn’t that hard

My state has legalized medical marijuana but not recreational at this point.

  • Since my late teens, I have been a recreational user.

I get high to relax, enjoy myself, socialize and sleep better. I like that I can fall asleep quicker and benefit from a better night of rest. It has been difficult finding a new way to access weed everytime I move. I have never liked the realization that I am doing something illegal. Because my local area allows for legal medical weed, I decided to see how big of hassle that route would be for me. I expected a great deal of paperwork, high investment and a series of doctor’s visits. I expected to be denied. I figured the only way to get a medical marijuana card would be to have proof of a major illness such as glaucoma, cancer, PTSD or grand mal seizures. I still gave it a try and was extremely hopeful that I could have access to legal medical cannabis someday. As I went through the process, I found it to be much easier than my expectations. First, signing up with a doctor who prescribes legal weed regularly was extremely simple. I just completed a google search and made an appointment. I filled out a medical marijuana profile online, included information about my symptoms and consulted with the actual doctor. After my appointment, I received a code to type into my account that allowed me access to cannabis products. I paid a small fee for the account. Other than that, the price was no big deal! The effort involved to receive medical cannabis took me all of a few days. Now I have access to legal marijuana. I can smoke, vape, dab, buy edibles and not feel like a criminal. My sleeping issues were enough to get legal pot.

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