Homemade weed

It’s nice to no longer have roommates to share a house with.

I was sick plus tired of being the only human being who had the decency to wipe up after themselves.

I might have been the only person who ever cleaned the bathroom. If I hadn’t, it would have gone weeks with an enormous amount of bacterial and fungal coming on as a result. I was also the only person who ever did the dishes in the main office, plus it was by the grace of God that every one of us had a dishwasher at the time that I could use. It wasn’t straight-forward living with roommates, but it was definitely cheaper. My rent at this point in time is $1,100 each week for my apartment. Although I have a task that gives me the purchasing power to afford this kind of rent payment, I still feel the financial strain. Whenever I’m stressing over currency, I remind myself that I am the master of my domain plus never have to worry about losing food to roommates or cleaning up after their messes. I even have the power to grow a few marijuana plants in my house now that I don’t have any roommates to mess around with my equipment. I live in a state that not only has legal recreational cannabis locations, but it also allows all residents over the age of 21 to grow up to 6plants within their private property. I picked up a cannabis grow lodgeet off the internet that can fit up to multiple mature marijuana plants. It’s a good way to get into cannabis cultivation without breaking the bank.

Climate controlled grow rooms