Hoping cannabis helps alleviate menopause side effects

Menopause symptoms started when I hit 50 years old.

It has been a little over 5 years now and I am still struggling with them.

The hot flashes are the worst. I have gotten where sleeping at night is nearly impossible. I nearly sweat to death. I am wet to the point that I often change my clothes, sheets and pillowcases in the middle of the night. If I don’t, I am wet and I switch from feeling overheated to shivering. I started searching online for something I could try to reduce my menopause and my sleeping issues. I came across cannabis. I read success stories that indicated marijuana can provide relief from both. Marijuana is showing positive results with helping women lessen the drawbacks of hot flashes. The CBD element in cannabis provides soothing properties so that I am less restless during the night and have better luck falling asleep. My state allows for strictly medical cannabis. I am now looking into the process of becoming a medical cannabis patient. I have spent some time on research. It seems as if the majority of cases of medical marijuana are for the treatment of chronic pain, PTSD, seizures, chemotherapy side effects or cancer. There is also a qualification for people suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, migraines and insomnia. I believe this is my opportunity to get a doctor to prescribe medical cannabis. I legitimately can’t sleep at night. I have read up on new research being done on menopausal women and the benefits of cannabis. I am quite willing to say anything in order to get my medical cannabis card. I don’t care if it’s high in THC or strictly CBD. I just want to avoid the hot flashes and get some uninterrupted sleep.


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