How can it possibly be considered a drug.

When Milly told me she was getting married, I knew we had to throw her a party like we hadn’t had in years.

  • There had to be plenty of wine and more than enough marijuana.

I talked my mom into giving us the vacation house for the weekend, and we all set out. I couldn’t believe how much we were all looking forward to her party. One of the friends said she had hired a male stripper to come to the party. I couldn’t believe they asked if there was going to be alcohol or drugs. She said there wasn’t going to be drugs, but we were going to have marijuana. They said that it was a drug and they didn’t do parties that had drugs. We sat there for a while and called another party company that had male strippers. We didn’t tell them about the marijuana. I couldn’t believe that they thought of marijuana as a drug, but not the alcohol. We had never thought of marijuana as a drug. It was a way to sit down and relax. You could just have some fun, but it wasn’t a hallucinogen. It wasn’t a drug. We started our party and everyone was having a lot of fun. We were having a great time and when the stripper arrived, I told them to make sure no one mentioned the marijuana. That was until the bride-to-be asked him if he wanted a joint. We laughed when he said no thank you ma’am. We were wondering just how old he was when he said he wasn’t old enough to use marijuana. You had to be twenty-one according to the law.


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