I have had mixed experiences with cannabis dispensary delivery services

It’s not cheap, but there are services now for getting home delivery from the grocery stores and restaurants in your area.

Usually the business teams up with an outside company who hires shoppers and delivery drivers to bring your products to your front porch.

If you pay ahead online, you can do a contact-free delivery. They’re not all equal in quality, however. My first experience with one particular grocery delivery company was mostly uneventful. The driver got all of my items in my order and arrived sooner than what was projected. I gave them a tip and we both went our separate ways. But the second time I used the same service, the driver had to substitute two of my items. Of course, this is normal for these services and something you consent to while making an order, but the problem is I never received the substitute product. Either they never grabbed it from the shelf or it fell out of the bag into the back seat of their car. Whatever the reason was, I was without my package of soft pretzels and I wasn’t happy. I went into the app, made a claim on the missing item, and received a refund. But when you’re paying up to 10% more for each item to offset delivery fees, these sort of mistakes make you less likely to use the service again. I am dealing with a similar situation using the cannabis dispensaries’ cannabis delivery services. Some of these legal marijuana stores are great about notifying you when your driver is expected in the area, but others do not. I don’t want to be told while I’m sitting in the office at work that my driver is 5 minutes away, when in fact I had scheduled an early evening delivery because I was at work until 4pm.

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