I’m not sure what to say about 420.

I have no idea where 420 originated or why. I just know that lately I had been hearing a lot about the 420 celebration and I had no idea what they were talking about. It seemed like people were talking another language, or they were speaking in code. I decided to go online and see what I could find out about 420. I read on one website that 420 is actually a time of day. At 4:20, all marijuana smokers light up in solidarity. I was also reading that 420 was a date. On 4/20, marijuana users get together and celebrate being a member of the society of open marijuana users. They made it sound like if you knew what the person meant when he mentioned 420 to you, they knew you were also a marijuana smoker. Some cities actually hold large celebrations. I wish I could have found a lot more information, but the internet seems to be as closed mouthed about 420 as do people. If you ask someone they just look at you oddly. I had one man ask me if I was celebrating 420 and I asked him what he was talking about. He patted my shoulder and walked away. Now I know what I have read about the celebration of marijuana, but I wish I could find out more information. If someone who reads this can give me more information, I would appreciate hearing from you. I know about marijuana, but 420 is something new. If it is a marijuana celebration, I would love to check it out some time.

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